Saathi's Founder and CEO

Saathi means "to partner, to be with."  This is the ethos Bina brings to all projects. Together, we will change the world. 


About Bina M Patel, CEO and Founder

“Are you helping people?” Since I was a child, my father asked me this question. It was his

way to help me navigate school and career choices, to remind me that I am are here for a

purpose bigger than just me, to shine a light on the importance of service. To this day, his

question keeps me honest and purposeful about my work and who I am.

After completing my master’s degree in International Human Rights at the University of

Denver, and also completing a master’s degree in Social Finance at the University of

Maastricht in the Netherlands, my career evolved to include working directly with people

facing persistent and systemic marginalization. Abroad and in the US, my efforts focused

on supporting and facilitating communities exercising self-determination and healing,

collaborating with policymakers to drive more equitable and justice-rooted decisions, and

working in and with philanthropy and non-profits to create more sustainable and

meaningful progress. With experience spanning over 20 years, my path is clear: to serve the

advancement of justice, human rights, community power, and collective progress.

After years of experience across sectors and the globe, I launched Saathi Impact

Consulting, a collective good consulting firm. Saathi means ‘with; to partner,’ the defining

ethos of Saathi’s approach. Clients and I partner to design adaptive strategies, strengthen

leadership, and mobilize courageous action. Partnering means we work hand-in-hand to be

of better service to the communities we live in.


My work and Saathi’s work is ever-evolving, and is relentlessly driven to take on the necessary challenges of reshaping our systems, selves, and communities so that together we can build solutions of belonging, inclusion, and justice.