Liberate your leadership

Adaptive Coaching (™)

In a more intimate setting, coaching provides support for processing learning, and encouraging leadership growth. 

For individuals at all levels in an organization, for small groups and teams, DEI committees, executive leadership, and boards. 

Adaptive Coaching is a model Saathi Impact created that focuses on


Mutual labor 

Dynamic pathway of learning and applied practice in your work 

Decolonized from white patriarchal dominant norms of what leadership means and looks like 


Creates space for the both/and (life and work, our full selves are integrated/whole)


Saathi Adaptive Coaching offers clients an opportunity to move more deeply into the work of anti-oppression with extensive tools, support, and strategies. This coaching aims to strengthen courageous leadership, embody deeper knowledge about systems of oppression and marginalization, and offer healing spaces for people who have been given racialized and marginalized identities.

Saathi coaching clients report immediate applicable tools and practices for themselves and their work with deeper clarity and increased growth of their authentic leadership and an appreciation for a unique coaching experience that centers the person (not a curriculum). 

Let's connect about how coaching can support your progress.