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Keynotes &
Thought Leadership

Often humorous and always thought provoking, Bina M. Patel's keynotes can bring fresh energy to your team.  

Keynotes and panel presentations offer fresh and engaging perspectives on how to liberate your inner changemaker; redesigning work for equity, inclusion, and purposeful leadership. 

From philanthropic, nonprofit, and corporate conferences to intimate team retreats and community gatherings, reach out to explore how a speaking engagement with your organization can spark deep conversation, connection, and action

Keynote Topics

Comfort vs Progress 

Who are we designing for in our racial equity and inclusion work? Bina will challenge you to move beyond comfort and build a courageous and authentic movement for collective progress.

Radical Possibility

Can you shake off the constraints of what is allowed and envision the possibility? In this enlightening keynote, Bina offers a way to build towards a better future, together.

Liberating Personal Leadership

Beyond passion and the rules of what dominant culture says leadership looks like, we can grow into our own purposeful leadership practices. 

Custom Keynotes

Gathering a specific group of leaders? Tailored keynotes and talks are a great way to "meet the moment" and uplift your audience.  Reach out to Bina to collaborate on an engagement that is designed with your team top of mind. 

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