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Facilitating Beyond the Agenda

Join this virtual two day professional development workshop to advance your skills with navigating the real world of humans working together! Facilitation is an essential skills to make time spent in large or small groups more meaningful, inclusive, and focused. Beyond managing agendas, this intensive will strengthen how you show up in formal meetings, retreats, and even informal work sessions. Together, participants will examine the dynamics of power, inclusion, and healing – learning from Saathi methods to understand the various forms of facilitation, tangible practices to hold space as facilitators, navigate participants and team dynamics, and to create spaces that are creative, inspiring, healing, and strategic. Together, we will look at how you can create engaging conversations and gatherings that are: + rooted in equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression + strategic and mission-focused + engaging and deepen relationships This workshop is for any level of staff member who might informally or formally design or lead meetings, and for those who — even if you are not leading meetings — want to influence gatherings and meetings. There will be time to learn from other colleagues and get real-time coaching from Bina during this series. All individuals at any level in their careers and tenure are welcome. Invite colleagues to join! For groups of 5 or more people, reach out to for the group promo code. We will meet August 14 and August 15, 2024 on Zoom starting at 9am Pacific until 11am Pacific on both days. You will receive workshop materials as follow up.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that folks need to cancel plans occasionally. We are not able to offer refunds at this time, however, we are happy to facilitate rescheduling. Please reach out for a reschedule if necessary.

Contact Details

San Diego, CA, USA

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