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"All of a Sudden"

Updated: May 31, 2023

All of a sudden; overnight. In an instant; day by day we changed.

The pandemic hit and we have mobilized. We are shifting some rules of the game, cutting some of the strings attached, entertaining ideas about how to respond to the current crisis that were once considered too radical/off the table/not possible. We talk of connection, mindfulness, of healing, of inequity and systems. And we keep saying, "All of a sudden...".


It wasn't all of a sudden. These ideas, this conversation about making change was seeded long before this moment.

Our ancestors those we know by name and those we don't. The abolitionists, freedom fighters, civil rights leaders, farm workers, water protectors, elders, human rights activists, feminists, queer liberators, Panthers, youth truth tellers, eco-activists they have spoken of this long before this moment.


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