Upcoming Workshop


Activating Equity & Inclusion for Collective Change

October 28-29, 2020 in San Diego, CA

This is a space for social justice leaders committed to advancing collective change through the work of inclusion, intersectional equity (including racial equity, gender-self-determining equity) and co-liberation.


Our work together is to undo the burnout and fatigue around DEI and racial equity work by elevating purposeful action, activating the creative imagination, and mobilizing tools for collective change. 

"Hope is not a precondition to the work. Hope comes in doing the work."

-Bina M. Patel


This workshop space is for individuals from the non-profit and philanthropic sectors; or individuals who are engaged with these sectors as facilitators, board members, or influencers. The experience invites participants to enrich the conversation with their ideas and insights, creates space for bold vision, and allows for a refreshing, honest, healing space to take action in ways that are rooted in collective good, purposefulness, and resiliency.  This is a courageous, rejuvenating, and action-oriented experience.

Workshop Topics

  • Concepts: Deeping understanding of Diversity, Racial Equity, & Inclusion

  • Purpose First: Leading from Collective Purpose 

  • Being before Doing: Embodying Purpose and Leadership 

  • Creative Action: Reimaging and Redesigning our world 

  • Nourishing Purpose: Practices for Resiliency

Workshop + 1:1 Coaching

Each participant will receive:

  • Full 2-day workshop

    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both days (we will nourish ourselves in many ways, including amazing food that we enjoy together).

    • Workshop materials to take home

  • 1 – 90 minute personal coaching call after the workshop to continue advancing your leadership practice

   *Participant spaces are limited. 

Workshop Objectives

In an interactive and creative experience, this workshop is the antidote to routine "DEI" and racial equity trainings.  

  • Deepen Equity & Inclusion content knowledge, including new frameworks and language

  • Strengthen Equity & Inclusion leadership skills, focused on building sustainable and authentic practices. 

  • Real-time strategy design and work-planning on a concrete project you are working on

  • Refresh and nourish your purpose 

  • Connect with colleagues in the field and peer learning exchange

  • On the spot coaching to participants around their own work, experiences, and insights

Workshop Host and Facilitator

Bina M Patel, Founder & CEO of Saathi Impact Consulting, LLC

Bina is a racial equity and inclusion facilitator, coach, and advisors to large and small non-profit and philanthropic organizations in the US and Canada.  She is the coach for the PLACES fellowship, a national leadership program for individuals in philanthropy to create racial equity rooted systems change.  

Learn more about Bina here

Kind words from workshop participants 

  • Bina created a space that was honest, direct, and so kind. Her way of facilitating is so calming and energizing at the same time. 

  • Wow – we laughed! While doing racial equity work.  I am leaving this workshop feeling ready and so good.  

  • You saw me. Thank you for that.

  • Finally! This was the best DEI/racial equity workshop I have ever been to.  And I have been to a lot. I’ve never heard this content shared this way, and it finally all makes sense. Let’s do this!!

  • I really appreciate your ahimsa approach to facilitation.  It made challenging conversations and planning so accessible. 

Preparation for Participants

Come ready for healing, learning, conspiring, and connecting!


Please bring an item or 2 that visually answers (one or all of the following questions):

  • What helps me stay focused and motivated in my work?

  • What helps me stay resilient? What are the practices or anchors?

  • What is sacred to me?

Bring materials or information on an on-going project, program, or organizational process you are working on, or something that is about to launch or in the design phase.  We will spend time redesigning and strategizing next steps for your efforts at your home institution. 


Each day will start with a nourishing breakfast together at 8.15am. On Day 1, we will end at 4pm.  Day 2 is from 8.15am to 3pm. 


Herb & Eatery Gallery

2210 Kettner Boulevard

San Diego CA 92101

If visiting from outside of San Diego, there are several hotels in the Little Italy area of San Diego that are convenient. Please do reach out directly with any travel questions. 

Contact Bina for more information.