Saathi’s tailored services create pathways for individual, team, and organizational progress. 

Coaching and Building Leadership

Personal 1:1 space for learning, healing, and skill building. Saathi works with emerging and executive leadership to amplify inclusive and transformative management, collaboration, and resiliency practices.


Coaching focuses on two key aspects of transformation.  The personal aspect addresses healing, self-care, and authentic leadership style. The second coaching is more externally focused. We look at facilitation tools, as well as strategy and management practices. 

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Facilitating and Designing Gatherings

Time together as a staff, board, or collaborative is valuable. Saathi designs engaging, creative, and inclusive shared spaces.


Meetings are more than just an agenda. Saathi's expertise in planning and facilitating reduces stresses, creates inclusion and energy and most importantly - progress.


 This set of services includes designing agendas and activities, material preparation, day-of facilitation, and post-session follow up. 

Consulting and Advising Organizations

Advising, consulting, and providing thought partnership with organizations looking to more sharply focus on their mission and making meaningful impact.


Saathi brings extensive experience with strategic planning, organizational culture, team building, board engagement, and program design.


Over a short or long term engagement, consulting services engage the entirety of your organization for holistic and sustainable change. 

Workshops and Speaking

Workshops are responsive to participant learning needs, focused on building content knowledge and active, hands-on use with tools. Workshop topics include addressing implicit bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, designing systems for justice and equity and building facilitation skills. 


For your keynote, panel, or retreat, Saathi’s CEO and Founder, Bina M Patel, regularly serves as an action-oriented, thought-provoking, and inspirational speaker. 


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