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In a hands on real-approach, engage your team in a design process to operationalize your DEI and anti-oppression values.  This 4-6 month process will:

build internal capacity and a shared methodology to advance DEI & Anti-Oppression

motivate teams to take action that is meaningful and sustainable


allow for organizational-wide contributions


build organizational sightline and accountability


embed the DEI values across the organization

This tailored engagement includes Design for DEI workshop, coaching sessions for cross-functional groups and executive leadership, departmental and team support, and a fun full-team event to share insights gained during the design journey.



Creating powerful, joyful, & communal action for collective progress

Designing for Anti-Oppression

For organizations moving from the learning to doing (who have some experience with DEI learning)

Building Effective DEI Committees

For organizations looking to build sustainable leadership and accountability on their DEI and anti-oppression efforts

If you are looking to build organizational capacity to manage and lead DEI efforts, it is critical that DEI committees/task forces/working groups are created to be impactful, purposeful, and have clarity on their role.

Often these committees flounder due to a lack of clarity, vision, authority, and capacity. Engagement then wanes and the work slows down with DEI values not operationalized.

This 3-4 month engagement will support building strategic vision and clarity for DEI committees, supporting members with building their facilitation skills and working on engagement plans that can implement on behalf of the organization.


Your DEI committee members will feel energized with the internal more focused and impactful and you'll be able to utilize your team's time effectively. Bina's expertise at navigating strategy as it intersects with change-management will help your organization build effective capacity to advance DEI.

Advising and 



For leaders managing specific complexities around DEI, racial equity, and anti-oppression or wanting advising on how to embed equity within their strategic planning process 

Working through organizational challenges around culture, equity, and inclusion? Bina's advising and thought partnership is co-designed with you to meet your team's particular needs and aspirations.   


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