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Resistance & DEI: Making Progress Anyway

Pursuing Progress in Spaces Resistant to Racial Equity

July 13 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST In this workshop, Bina M. Patel will break down the concept of resistances and provide a multiplicity of tools and strategies to manage with and around folks who show up as resistant and defensive; for those who opt-out of progress, particularly when power dynamics are at play. This workshop is for everyone, but it is particularly useful for folks on DEI committees and for those with roles both formal or informal that can impact change at the programmatic and/or organizational level pertaining to DEI, racial equity, and anti-racism. You'll leave this workshop with tangible practices and methods to use immediately in your journey to facilitate collective change. Our time together will also include space for discussion and Q&A. If you have allies and colleagues in this work, I invite you to share with them – we only make progress when we are able to move together as a community. If you would like to book for your organization or would like to request a scholarship please contact Bina directly at

Cancelation Policy

We understand that folks need to cancel plans occasionally. We are not able to offer refunds at this time, however, we are happy to facilitate rescheduling. Please reach out for a reschedule if necessary.

Contact Details

(773) 710-3317

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