Purpose First

Updated: Apr 15, 2020


Purpose is not about your passion. Purpose is about how you are in relationship to the collective, your role in the bigger picture. It is the active engagement of being in and with the collective, and defining what you aim to contribute and be of service to.

Purpose is the root by which you can be of service to the collective and withstand the hurricane winds of individualism, ego, and me-first. The rootedness of purpose allows us to challenge the status quo with grace, love, and sustained fidelity to a long-term vision of bettering ourselves by bettering our communities.

When we put purpose first, speaking truth is not fear-inducing and does not create conflict. Instead, purpose makes speaking truth easy and kind. Purpose first allows us to get up every day in a world that can often feel overwhelming, harsh, and intimidating and in spite of that, still love, connect, and take care of ourselves and each other.

Purpose first is what allows us to keep on keeping on. It is where big, unfearing vision and belief in the possible live. It what nourishes us to that future, to show up every day.