More Healers, Fewer Leaders

We need more healers, fewer “leaders” in our racial equity, justice, and belonging work.

We need more people willing to heal disease of “standard operating procedures” that continues to plague and oppress us. Who are willing to suspend business as usual to allow for creative reimagining, for humanizing, for time to heal and care for ourselves and each other.

We need healers coming from a place of love and inclusion.

It is time to get fixated on humanity, not efficiency or org charts or outcomes or strategic plans. It's time we get preoccupied with how your hearts show up, how we embody the work of justice and liberation, and less preoccupied with the busy work.

Coming as healer into this work means we allow space to show our full selves, vulnerabilities, hurt, and brilliance. It means we facilitate our shared space together.

Showing up as a healer means we are intentional about taking actions that humanize and create more belonging.

Importantly, this does not mean we do not in practice of discernment, of using our voices to speak truth to power. It does not mean we allow bad behavior of others to go unmarked.

Consider the various roles we all play, and how we can show up for each other as fellow travelers in this work as healers to one another and ourselves.