Equity & Empowerment - Lessons from Bronzeville

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Saathi has been in several years of partnerships and work to design a practice that empowers residents build solutions in new ways. It has been a beautiful opportunity to #collaborate with an amazing group of powerful, tireless, and #innovative leaders from around #Chicago to test solutions in response to the problem:

How can we build resilient livelihoods for young people in #Bronzeville?  

On Sept 11, we shared a warm and energetic #community space to celebrate this work.

Teams shared the ideas they have designed and prototyping  -  including a "hire local" campaign, a restorative justice hub, and an entrepreneurial bike and urban garden program. 

The work doesn't come from a strategic plan or a boardroom - it comes from getting out into the neighborhood, learning from and understanding young people and the context, and importantly - taking the first step at activating an idea.  

These folks gave their time and hearts to this project - and are creating real opportunities for young people in a few short months.  

A few of the lessons learned:

- Stand back so others can stand up

- Ask, not tell

- Try, not plan

I love my job.  I am grateful to partner with amazing folks and clients. 

Written by Bina M. Patel.