What knowledge needs to be built?



Explore terminology and frameworks, discover perspectives, and build shared language


What do you believe is possible?



Reflection and learning about worldviews, biases, identity, personal sense of efficacy


What is your purpose?




Strengthen the alignment of actions to values, and resiliency and management skills 


What are you consistently doing?



Apply and operationalize actions and behaviors to advance intended outcomes

Saathi's Approach: designing for progress and transformation

Saathi's approach is principled and focused on your mission. 


Coming from a rooted place of curiosity allows us to suspend judgment and encourage a deeper understanding of issues and potential solutions. 




Saathi synthesizes emerging information and complexities to build better responses and solutions.  As our work unfolds, we continue to drive our efforts to achieve the project goals.



  Tools, workshops, and strategies are all customized to meet the organization’s needs and aspirations.