for collective learning 

Organizational retreats and meetings


Time together is precious. This offering helps clients break through business-as-usual meeting and retreat agendas.

Through support on agenda design and facilitation coaching, Saathi can help you create gatherings that: 

support team connection

build relationship

create a shared understanding & ethos

move into decision making with clarity 

work collaboratively and creatively on strategy and action

Tailored workshops

Ranging from 60-minutes to multiple days of shared learning, Saathi workshops ensure that the time organizations invest in collective learning matters to collective outcomes. Infusing fun, wellness, learning, and relationship building, Saathi workshops are customized to meet client needs. 

From DEI to Anti-Oppression

Build shared understanding of key concepts including diversity, racial equity, inclusion and power. This workshop series builds shared understanding and practice with tools and frameworks within DEI and racial equity. Includes active participation to process learning and deepen clarity.

Designing for DEI and Anti-Oppression

An introduction to creating embedded and sustainable action to advance DEI, racial equity, and anti-oppression strategies.

Power and Dominance

Understand how power and dominance are present in our daily experiences and built into the way we are in relationship with each other. Deep-dive into how power limits change within organizations and helping attendees to focus their anti-oppression efforts. 

Radical Possibility

Moving towards world-changing meaningful action.

Mindfulness and Presence to Advance Collective Change

Being present is a learned practice that creates sustainable and meaningful transformative change; working towards a deeper sense of collective purpose, well-being, and creative thinking. This workshop explores how we can use mindfulness and purposefulness to advance collective progress and healing.

Inclusive Leadership

Learn frameworks and tools to develop effective leadership practices that advance inclusion and belonging. 

Fireside Chats

An informal and open space to "meet the moment" for organizational staff and board members on DEI and anti-oppression. A purposeful way to open up conversations for folks newer to this work and who may also be approaching this work with a wide range of experience.