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Collective Learning

Creating spaces for learning and connection that make sure your precious time together is meaningful and mission focused.


Collective learning spaces include customized workshops that are approachable, engaging, and motivating.

DEI to Anti-Oppression

In this workshop, explore and build a strong understanding of DEI, anti-racism, and anti-oppression concepts and vocabulary. In particular, this workshop helps participants move away from performative "DEI" efforts towards a more meaningful understanding of anti-oppression


Mindfulness for Anti-oppression 

Being present is a learned practice that creates sustainable and transformative change; working towards a deeper sense of collective purpose, well-being, and creative thinking. This workshop explores how we can use mindfulness and purposefulness to advance collective progress and healing.


Leadership and Purpose 

Learn frameworks and tools to develop effective leadership practices that advance inclusion and belonging, and that more deeply connect you with your purpose.


Designing for DEI and Anti-Oppression 

This workshop focuses on actively operationalizing DEI and anti-oppression in daily work through a straightforward methodology to uncover biases and inequities hiding in plain sight.


Power and Changemaking

Understand how power works and build tools to navigate, shift, and share power to advance collective progress.

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