Our values and principles focus on elevating your strengths to achieve high-quality, impactful, and actionable results.

Our approach is embedded with the following principles:

partnerships are powerful 

Working with you and your staff as a partner, instead of as an observer from behind the glass, you receive customized, valuable, and helpful services. And more importantly, your culture, values, goals, and mission are more deeply integrated into our work. Strategic partnerships with issue and sector-based experts furthers your efforts by providing valuable information, capacity, and leadership.

solutions must be actionable
Achieving your highest mission requires articulation of a clear path and steps forward. Our work together aims to propel your organization ahead, not just provide another report or plan. Saathi's work is based on providing action-oriented services to increase alignment of organizational strategies, operations, culture, and the mission.

nothing works in a vacuum - the more we connect, the better our solutions
Saathi's approach is based strong cross-sector experience which increases your access to best in class ideas, processes, innovations, strategic relationships, partnerships, and networks. Our approach is firmly rooted in the principal that clear peripheral vision while keeping focused on the mission provides greater opportunities for success.

success rests on adaptability
We need to adapt as we drive towards the mission. Adaptive persistence allows us to increase the chances for success by allowing for the necessary flexibility to incorporate new ideas, solutions to barriers, and project adjustments while never compromising outcomes and expectations.


thought partnership

Energizing you and your team to think across a bright and wide horizon, Saathi serves as a thought partner as you explore new ideas, evaluate the strategic activities, develop alliances, build your leadership in the field, and more effectively work with the non-profit and public sectors. 


strategic & actionable planning

Focused strategic planning coupled with specific and actionable implementation design.  Customized deliverables include facilitated implementation of strategic plan, organizational alignment with the mission and strategies, capacity assessment and mapping, staff workshops, board engagement strategies, and work plans. 

you have the mission and the passion.

we help you activate it to accomplish more.

Achieving your mission is the priority -- accomplished by pairing knowledge and action.  

project design & management 

Start to finish services including short- and long-term project planning, mission development, managing multiple project work streams, meeting facilitation, stakeholder analysis, and project communications. Services focus on bringing ideas and initiatives to full realization in communities.

customized workshops & presentations  

Workshops and presentations include community engagement strategies, racial equity, and topics like establishing effective teams, organizational alignment to the mission, developing strategic cross-sector collaborations, project management, how to effectively work with public sector partners. Presentations are customized to meet your needs. 

cross-sector partnerships & collaborations 

Establish strategic and effective cross-sector partnerships oriented towards shared mission and outcomes. Services include partnership identification, strategic planning for collaborations and developing deep partnerships, project collaborations mapping, partnership management, and facilitation.