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the value of cross sector experience

Solutions to our most pressing social, economic, and political challenges are increasingly found through innovative, entrepreneurial, and cross-sector thinking.  The skills gained from working in government, non-profit organizations, private sectors, and philanthropy are not only content-based. A deeper understanding of the motivations, priorities, constraints, language, and best practices comes with those individuals who have worked in different sectors.  These individuals also have a broad network of other leaders and experts to call upon, and can develop strong partnership that are goal- and community-oriented, not just sector-based.

Saathi's goal is to support the design and implementation of solutions that are invested in community outcomes, that break down silos, and develop lasting and effective partnerships by leveraging cross-sector experience.   

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news from saathi 

saathi goes global

Taking Saathi global was a thrilling experience. In November 2013, I was invited to participate in an international exchange between workforce and economic development leaders from Southwest Michigan and Liverpool, UK, including representatives from workforce boards, community colleges, philanthropy, and the private sector.  In partnership with Social Inclusion US (, I supported the cross-sector and cross-continental learning.   A key lesson we heard from our Liverpool counterparts from every sector: partnerships and leadership will make or break your success.   

A report recapping the trip, highlighting background information, and sharing key learnings will be available in early 2014. 


Learn more about our visit with Liverpool's Lord Mayor and leaders in social enterprise.

building strong stakeholder relationships

Making the most of those sitting at the table with you is instrumental in the success of strategies and programs. Increasingly, community transformation indeed takes a village. Rarely does any one organization have the full information and resources to execute on their important ideas. Instead, it takes leaders and do-ers from across sectors to collaborate, align, and leverage their resources.  There are a few key considerations to keep in mind: 1) Learn about your stakeholders, examine the project needs and develop partnerships aimed at building capacity in order to execute on the project mission; 2) be strategic and open-minded about how innovative partnerships can add value; 3) be clear about the benefits to the stakeholders (the returns on their investment, so to say); 4) be intentional about capitalizing on your stakeholders strengths and passion; and 5) be humble - we need each other, and more importantly, our communities need for our leaders to collaborate more effectively in order to see tangible benefits.  

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meetings, meetings, meetings. now what?

Meeting take up a significant amount of time on our calendar.  All too often, we enter meetings unsure of our role, the agenda, and expectations. In some cases, we end up in meetings that do not leave us informed, excited, clear on next steps, decisions, or deliverables. When we least have the time, meetings end late, meander through agenda items, and leave us waiting for the next meeting to move forward.   

Planning effective meetings takes preparation, and facilitating meetings that are inclusive, goal-focused, with a positive feel takes even more preparation and practice.  But great meetings that leave participants with a sense of clarity and enthusiasm can be accomplished with some key factors in mind: What is the purpose of this meeting? What do we need to leave the table knowing, doing, or ready to do? How much time will it really take to talk about these agenda items? Who should be in attendance, and what is their role?  And before we leave this meeting, what comes next and who is responsible? 

Saathi provides tailored meeting planning and facilitation services to help clients work with partners and stakeholders more collaboratively and effectively, as well as for internal staff, board, and team meetings. We also provide staff workshops to support skill building in the areas of meeting planning, facilitation, and participation.  

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